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  • Title: Dargo Business Solutions
    Descriptive info: .. DARGO BUSINESS SOLUTIONS.. DARGO Business Solutions.. is company dedicated to providing solutions for your business in several areas.. DARGO Business Contact Manager.. If you use salesman to contact your potential customers it is very likely that some kind of team software, sales software would produce benefits to your company.. If you are looking for simple and reliable solution you will find out DARGO Business Contact Manager is the right solution for you.. Your sales leads will be stored and used at right time by authorized employees.. More about DARGO Business Contact Manager.. LOGOPAK Print Apply solutions.. We are distributor for Logopak print apply labeling systems.. If you are looking for reliable solution to label your packages and pallets, we will offer you the systems  ...   your complete packaging process.. More about Heripack solutions.. CAB labelling solutions.. CAB.. is setting new technological benchmarks in developing and manufacturing devices and systems for product labeling and product marking.. Barcode printers are as much part of our delivery program as label printers and print and apply systems.. Customers from the manufacturing, service industries and trade rely on our high quality standards.. More about CAB solutions.. MarCoPack labelling, marking and coding solutions.. Since 1982.. Marcopack.. is one of the leading companies on the market, providing solutions to labeling requirements, marking and coding.. is manufacturer of automatic labeling machines, linear labeling machines, semiautomatic labeling machines, rotary labeling machines, hot stamping printers and any kind of batch.. More about MarCoPack solutions.. HOME.. |.. BCM.. LOGOPAK.. MARCOPACK.. CONTACT US..

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  • Title: Dargo Business Contact Manager
    Descriptive info: Tribute.. Freeware.. New frontiers are ahead.. Take the opportunity with DARGO Business Contact Manager !.. Useful links.. DARGO BUSINESS CONTACT MANAGER.. - Do you gather a lot of information?.. - Is information available to you when needed?.. - Can you register and chronologically view your contact history?.. - Do you loose information when employee leaves the company?.. - Do you loose on fact information gathered by employees is not available to other colleagues when needed?.. - Do you want to track your employees/colleagues activities more effectively?.. Information is the one of key elements for the.. business success.. Every single day we are exposed to huge amount of information among which only some of it are useful in business sense and should be stored in some kind of customer management software.. In some cases, business information acquisition is.. rather costly.. Regardless of the way you gather information costs of business information acquisition can be calculated and you have to be.. aware if it.. With raise of gathered information costs need to store them in a way it is.. available  ...   information storage,.. quick access to needed information,.. controlled access to the information and.. various reports.. Above all, solution has to be investment with.. quick and multiple return of investment.. In complex cases there is a need for lead distribution system which is leaning on sales force automation software.. For the sales management in such cases you may need a sophisticated sales tools incorporated in sales tracking software.. However, majority of companies do not need such complex systems and still do have a ratio to protect their investment in business information acquisition process.. You may conclude that customer relationship management software (CRM software, CRM application) is not suitable solution for your company at the moment.. You may not need quote generator, marketing campaign or proposal generator software at the moment but you have a feeling that some kind of team software, sales software would produce benefits to your company.. If this is the case, it is very likely you will find out DARGO Business Contact Manager is the right solution for you.. BENEFITS.. |.. FEATURES.. FREE TRIAL.. BUY IT!.. SUPPORT..

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  • Title: Dargo Business Solutions
    Descriptive info: LOGOPAK.. LOGOPAK SYSTEME.. is Europe s leading manufacturer of industrial print & apply labelling systems.. Logopak was founded in 1978 and today employs over 250 people.. In addition to its main plant in Hartenholm near Hamburg, Logopak Systems is also represented by its own subsidiaries in Düsseldorf & Wimsheim in Germany and abroad in Europe in the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Poland.. DARGO Business Solutions.. is authorized partner of.. Logopak Systeme.. for.. Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.. If you are looking for reliable solution for pallet and package labelling, we will offer you the systems manufactured by Europe's leading industrial Print &  ...   the company Logopak Systems.. After initial orientation on the paper processing industry.. In the early 80s, Logopak was already developing special systems for the rapidly expanding record industry.. These took over the handling of music cassettes and LPs.. The first series of labelling systems with integrated thermal printers was also created for these applications.. Logopak achieved its next big coup with the development of fully-automatic pallet labelling systems for a multi-national food company with sites worldwide.. During next 10 years Logopak has advanced to become Europe s leading manufacturer of industrial print & apply labelling systems designed for industrial use and in the meantime boasts 210 employees and 6000 successful installations..

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  • Title: Heripack
    Descriptive info: HERIPACK.. We start working where others give up! At Heripack each machine is adjusted to your individual request.. HERIPACK machine programme.. Machines of Heripack stand for flexibility.. We offer a sophisticated machine programme - starting from semi-automatic units to fully automatic individual machines up to complete packaging lines.. This leads to individual solutions for your packaging process - according to your special demands.. Heripack is specialised in machine solutions for the medium and lower speed area of secondary and tertiary carton packaging.. Predominantly we are working with pre-glued cases of corrugated board.. We do not know fixed standard sizes for our machines.. Our versatility is our strength.. Nothing is impossible! We have a solution for (nearly) every problem.. Each machine is based on our know-how  ...   express the experience of our long-time employees but also offers you the security to get spare parts also during the next thirty years.. Fast possible trouble shooting for arising problems is self-evident for us, therefore our employees are available for you around-the-clock.. Heripack - the partner on which you can rely in all respects.. Heripack offers to you competence in all sectors - from the advice up to after-sales-service.. Professionalism is a matter of course for us.. An experience for decades on one hand and a young, motivated team on the other hand guarantee you flexible problem solutions which are state-of-the-art.. We do not require copying others.. Therefore many patens and registered designs stand for our innovation.. Trust in the original - trust in Heripack!..

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  • Title: cab
    Descriptive info: CAB - Innovation Leader in Product Labeling.. cab is setting new technological benchmarks in developing and manufacturing devices and systems for product labeling and product marking.. More about Cab.. Label printers.. cab label printers are at home in virtually any industry today.. Our devices are employed in commercial applications, in tough continuous operation in industry and for a wide range of services.. We incorporate this cross-sectoral  ...   know-how.. More about Cab printers.. Print and apply systems.. Experience and technical know-how from more than 30 years of product development are combined in our cab print and label systems.. More about Cab print and apply systems.. Marking lasers.. cab marking lasers are economical, precise, fast and ideal for marking many different materials such as aluminum, various plastics and many further materials.. More about Cab marking lasers..

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  • Title: MarCoPack
    Descriptive info: is one of the leading companies market, providing solutions to labeling requirements, marking and coding.. This course of nearly twenty years has become supplier to top brands in various sectors as:.. Feeding:.. mills, warehouses, canned vegetables and fish, meat industry, ready meals, infant feeding, poultry, vegetables cool, industrial bakery, frozen, etc.. Chemical industries:.. Cleaning products, paints, varnishes, pesticides, etc.. Pharmaceutical industry:.. Cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.. Automotive industry:.. Oil, gasoline, parts, etc..  ...   its size, adaptable to flow pack, to independent conveyor belt, to a plastic coil.. You can work from top, lateral or bottom.. More about labelling heads.. Labelling solutions.. Various types of integrated systems for top, front/back, top seal labelling for plane or cylindrical products.. Systems are made of stainless steel, can be adaptable to different formats.. Optional integration with thermo-transfer printer, thermal or ink encoder.. More about MarCoPack labelling solutions..

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  • Title: Contact Dargo Buisness Solutions
    Descriptive info: sales@dargo.. hr.. Contact Us.. To contact us:.. DARGO Business Solutions Ltd.. (DARGO Poslovna rjesenja d.. o.. ).. Dobrisa Cesaric St.. 67.. HR-10000 Zagreb.. Croatia.. Phone: +385 91 765-7915.. Fax: +385 1 556 00 33.. E-mail:..

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  • Title: Dargo poslovna rjesenja
    Descriptive info: POSLOVNA RJEŠENJA.. DARGO poslovna rješenja.. je tvrtka koje može ponuditi rješenja za vaš posao u nekoliko područja.. Ako koristite prodajne predstavnike kako biste kontaktirali vaše potencijalne kupce, vrlo je vjerojatno da bi vam neka vrsta timskog prodajnog softvera donijela koristi.. Tražite li jednostavno i pouzdano rješenje, doči ćete do zaključka da je upravo DARGO Business Contact Manager pravo rješenje za vas.. Pohraniti ćete podatke o poslovnim prilikama, a autorizirani djelatnici će ih moći koristiti u trenutku potrebe.. Više o DARGO Business Contact Manager-u.. LOGOPAK Print Apply rješenja.. Distributeri smo za Logopak print apply sustave etiketiranja.. Tražite li pouzdano rješenje za obilježavanje paketa i paleta etiketama, ponuditi emo vam sustave vode eg europskog proizvo ača industrijskih print apply sustava za etiketiranje.. Više o Logopak rješenjima.. Sustavi logističke sljedivosti.. Sustavi logističke sljedivosti su u zemalja već zahtjevani kroz zakone o hrani  ...   poluautomatskih strojeva za sklapanje kutija do potpuno automatiziranih rješenja za vaš proces pakiranja.. Više o Heripack rješenjima.. CAB sustavi.. postavlja nova tehnološka mjerila u razvoju i proizvodnji uređaja i sustava za označavanje i obilježavanje proizvoda.. U proizvodnom programu imamo printere crtičnog koda , printere etiketa , i print and apply sustave.. Naši kupci iz područja proizvodnje , uslužnih industrija i trgovine oslanjaju se na standarde visoke kvalitete naših proizvoda.. Više o CAB rješenjima.. MarCoPack rješenja za etiketiranje, obilježavanje i kodiranje proizvoda.. Od 1982.. je jedna od vodećih na tržištu tvrtki koje proizvode rješenja za obiležavanje etiketama, označavanje i kodiranje proizvoda.. proizvodi automatske sustave za etiketiranje, kojima se osigurava odgovarajuće obilježavanje proizvoda etiketama.. Pri tome se na etiketu prema potrebi mogu dopisati podaci uz upotrebu printera ili vrućeg žiga.. Moguće je i prskanje tintom.. Više o MarCoPack rješenjima.. NASLOVNICA.. KONTAKT..

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  • Title: Dargo Business Solutions
    Descriptive info: Documents.. Letak2.. 2.. -curves.. ai - ilustrator.. (30 mb).. 2-curves - PDF (30 mb).. en-curves.. 2 en-curves - PDF (30 mb)..

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  • Title: Benefits of Dargo BCM
    Descriptive info: CBA Analysis.. Business Contact Manager Software.. Benefits of DARGO Business Contact Manager software.. Register your leads.. Important business information you gathered are stored in permanent and easy to view way in SQL database of contact management software.. Reminder for next contacts.. You can enter next contact date to enable.. reminder.. for next planned contacts in contact software..  ...   raising the quality of information flow in company.. Effective market approach.. Better information flow raises coordination and effectiveness of.. market approach.. Easier loss of marketer.. Do not loose the business opportunity for a reason.. contact follow-up employee is leaving your company.. Competitiveness.. Assure yourself.. advantage in front of competitors.. and market success with customer management software.. HOME.. FEATURES..

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  • Title: BCM Features
    Descriptive info: Storage info.. Quick access.. Access control.. Reminder.. Filtered data.. DARGO.. Business Contact Manager.. Solution enables:.. access can be allowed to more users,.. various analysis and reports.. Storage of information in customer management software.. Business information you gathered are enters in quick and easy manner through adequate user interface of DARGO Business Contact Manager software.. More details.. Quick access to  ...   It is all available instantly.. Information access control.. Unauthorized insight to stored information is prevented by enforced use of user name and password.. Reminder for planned contacts.. You have forget to make contact on time? No more missing the opportunities by contacts overdue.. Filtered data overview.. Want to view all records which fulfill the complex filter combination to reach them?..

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  • Archived pages: 81