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  • Title: Mirnovec Pyrotechnics | Fireworks Display Company
    Descriptive info: .. Mirnovec Pyrotechnics.. Fireworks Display Company.. Blog.. Pyrotechnic Products.. Class 1.. Firecrackers.. Blister Firecrackers.. Crackers.. Snappers.. Crackling.. Ground Spinners.. Flying Items.. Fountains.. Volcanoes.. Smokes.. Sparkles.. Sets.. Party Poppers.. Cake Fountains.. Confetti Shooters.. Carbide.. Class 2.. Roman Candles.. Višecijevne Rimske Svijeće.. Artillery Shells.. Redenici.. Rockets.. Signal Rockets.. Rocket Sets.. Mix Sets.. Start Gun and Bullets.. Cakes.. Class 3.. Retail Stores.. Price List Catalog.. Professional Pyrotechnics.. Fireworks.. Public Fireworks.. Pyromusical Fireworks.. Wedding Fireworks.. Special Effects.. Movie SFX.. Atmospheric Conditions.. Stage Pyrotechnics.. References.. Representations.. Other Products.. Marine Signaling.. Party Effects.. Confetti.. Foam Party.. Soap Bubbles.. CO2 Cold Atmosphere.. Virtual Flames.. Items for Magicians.. Air Fresheners.. Liquids, Pastes, Gels.. Party Torches and Flames.. Glowing Sticks.. Party Ventilator.. Sky Lantern.. Price List.. Various.. Cheering Items.. Lighting.. Promo Zeppelin.. Tents.. Blowers.. Bamboo Torches.. Contact.. Customer Support.. Social Media Forum.. Telephone Addresses.. Mirnovec in other countries.. Fireworks are back home.. 06.. 10.. 2014.. Days of fireworks in Samobor.. More.. Baltic adventure.. 24.. 09.. 2013.. Return to Vilnius.. Knokke Heist.. 23.. 08.. On the shores of Northern sea.. 2nd Place won in Montreal.. 22.. First time, second place.. Highlights from 2012!.. 12.. 2012.. Check the highlights of the year in our most recent blog post.. Photo gallery from International Fireworks Festival in Germany.. 08.. 11.. Multimedia show in Samobor.. 31.. Welcome!.. 29.. Mirnovec Pyrotechnics website has been completely redesigned!.. About us.. Mirnovec Pyrotechnics is a Croatian Fireworks display company specialized in pyrotechnic production, fireworks display and movie SFX.. Read More.. Our Products.. We produce a wide range of 1st, 2nd and 3rd class pyrotechnics,  ...   This event starts on wednesday the 8th of October and the theme of the day will be the chestnuts.. The program will [ ].. by.. admin.. on.. 06/10/2014.. in.. Uncategorized.. Trying to make a difference.. We had organized a charity sale of lanterns at 14th International fireworks festival in Zagreb.. A lot of good people had shown that we can always count on their help when a noble cause is involved.. We raised 8.. 057.. 50 kn (~1053 Euros) for each of two associations which go by names Krijesnica (Firefly) and Veliko srce [ ].. 18/09/2014.. About Us.. Mirnovec Pirotehnika is a Croatian Fireworks display company founded in 1993.. Mirnovec Pirotehnika is one of the Europe's biggest companies specialized in pyrotechnic production, fireworks display and movie special effects.. Our exports to the countries of Eastern Europe are measured in hundreds of tons, and our products have become recognizable brands in Arabic countries.. Bands such as the Rolling Stones, David Bowie and Metallica, as well as movie legends such as Steven Spielberg and Richard Gere, fully launched Mirnovec Pirotehnika in global terms as they sang, danced and filmed between our explosions and special effects.. Our products include all segments of entertainment pyrotechnics:.. Pyrotechnics of Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3, Professional Fireworks display, Pyromusical shows, Multimedia Pyro shows and Indoors SFX - special effects in film and television.. All our products are certified and have obtained permits for placing on the market which ensures product quality and its safe use.. Mirnovec Pyrotechnics 2014.. All Rights Reserved..

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  • Title: Mirnovec Pyrotechnics | Blog
    Descriptive info: Leave a comment.. Continue Reading.. Trip to Vilnius fireworks festival.. 24/09/2013.. Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania and its largest city, hosted a great event once again this year.. Our friends from Blikas fireworks organized a fireworks competition of the last five winners of this event.. We have won the contest in 2011, but this year`s very tough schedule probably took it`s toll.. The podium was very [ ].. News form Belgium.. 26/08/2013.. Our team has returned home from the festival which takes place in the Belgian beach resort Knokke Heist , on the beach Duinbergen on the coast of the Northern Sea.. The festival lasts from 19th till 27th of August and a total of 5 teams entered the competition: Canadian, Spanish, Chinese, Italian and ours.. We performed [ ].. Silver Jupiter is comming home.. 22/08/2013.. Our show has been proclaimed second on 29th edition of L`International des Feux Loto-Quebec.. Considering this is our first time participation, can you imagine what we are capable of doing next time we appear :)? Seriously do, Mirnovec fireworks team was one of the youngest teams to prepare the show in the history of this event.. [ ].. 24/12/2012.. Behind us is a year full of many positive and interesting events which were regularly discussed on our blog.. In a few days we are entering 2013.. , a year that will present  ...   in Germany, and now we bring you an extensive gallery of photos from the event.. Attractive fire exercise with a robot firefighter.. 06/11/2012.. Mirnovec Pyrotechnics participated in a very attractive military exercise along with the Zagreb company DOK-ING that is developing robots and vehicles for special purposes, such as extremely dangerous fire interventions or military actions.. Demonstration held on military training was the ideal opportunity to test DOK-ING s multifunctional robotic firefighting system MVF-5 in a real situation of [ ].. Multimedial performance on Pyro presentation in Samobor.. 31/10/2012.. On 06 October 2012, employees and business partners Mirnovec pyrotechnics gathered in Samobor.. Rich program of luncheon brought the presentation of most attractive products of Mirnovec pyrotechnics, a delicious dinner, a stand-up commedy, and hanging out in a superb and friendly atmosphere.. The highlight of the evening was a multi-media performance that included a laser [ ].. 1.. 2.. 7.. Next.. Recent Posts.. Categories.. Events.. (17).. Pictures.. (12).. Products.. (15).. Retro.. (4).. Things of Interest.. (34).. (21).. Video.. Mirnovec on Twitteru.. Follow.. @mirnovec.. on Twitter.. Tags.. 2002.. 2009.. 2011.. 2012.. alfa.. biograd.. black widow.. blikas.. blog.. box.. bundek.. carbide.. catalog.. city center one.. color charger.. eldorado.. euro 2012.. explosions.. facebook.. festival.. firecrackers.. fireworks.. fireworks festival.. flamma.. flares.. gamma.. history.. kartica.. knall.. koncert.. las vegas.. magazine.. mirnovec.. mirnovec pyrotechnics.. ole.. oman.. piromanka.. price list.. pyro.. pyromusical.. pyrotechnics.. rockets.. vatrometa.. video.. zagreb..

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  • Title: Mirnovec Pyrotechnics | Pyrotechnic Products
    Descriptive info: Pages.. Posts per category.. Photos taken by visitors of the Fireworks Festival 2011.. - Comments (0).. Mirnovec Pyrotechnics celebrated placement on Euro 2012 with Croatian national team.. 15 Croatian biggest fireworks (Part 3).. 15 biggest Croatian fireworks (Part 2).. 15 biggest Croatian fireworks (Part 1).. City Center One celebrated its 5th birthday with Mirnovec Pyrotechnics fireworks.. Mirnovec took the first place on a Fireworks festival in Lithuania!.. Mirnovec travels to a new challenge Fireworks Festival in Lithuania.. Video material of the International Fireworks Festival.. Mirnovec sets sky on fire over Poland.. 5 Rockets that you  ...   new products of Mirnovec pyrotechnics have been introduced!.. Mirnovec simulated bombing of an aircraft.. Announcement of the International Fireworks Festival 2011 Zagreb.. Mirnovec Pyrotechnics at Muscat Fest 2011.. Carbide contest: Winners are declared.. 5 Boxes you must own.. Prize contest: Carbide.. 6 Things you have to know about the Pyro season.. Price list for the new Pyro season!.. Pyro Magazine no.. 6 has been released!.. A leaflet for the season 2011/2012 has been published.. Retro: Pyro Magazine no.. 4.. Retro: Catalog 2002/2003.. Retro: Catalog 2009/2010.. Retro: Pyro Magazine 2009.. Results of our contest are here!..

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  • Title: Mirnovec Pyrotechnics | Class 1
    Descriptive info: Fun first grade pyrotechnics can be bought in the period from 15 December to 01 January each year.. Fun first grade pyrotechnics can be boguht by all people older than 14 years.. First grade Pyrotechnics are divided into: Firecrackers, Blister Firecrackers, Snappers, Crackling, Zemni Vrtlozi, Flying Items, Fountains, Volcanoes, Smokes, Sparkles, Sets, Party Poppers, Cake Fountains, Confetti Shooters and Carbide.. View Comments (0).. Submit A Comment.. No comments yet.. Leave a Reply.. Click here to cancel reply.. Name.. (Required).. Email.. Website.. Comment..

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  • Title: Mirnovec Pyrotechnics | Firecrackers
    Descriptive info: First grade Firecrackers are in the class of basic fun pyrotechnics and are sold only to people aged 14 and above.. You can discuss first grade firecrackers on.. Pyro Forum.. Mali Pirat.. Crackling Pirat.. Package: 60 pieces.. Package: 28 pieces.. Zviždeći Pirat.. Mala Mega.. Package: 50 pieces.. Dobri Duh.. Pirana.. Package: 40 pieces.. Package: 30 pieces.. Dupla Paljba.. Mini Zenga.. Mini Ninja.. Mini Triangl.. Package: 20 pieces.. You can discuss first grade firecrackers with the members of.. , or leave a comment..

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  • Title: Mirnovec Pyrotechnics | Blister Firecrackers
    Descriptive info: First grade Blister Firecrackers are sold only to people aged 14 and above.. You can discuss Blister Firecrackers on.. Mini Zenga Blister.. Mini Ninja Blister.. Package: 2 30 pieces.. Pirana Blister.. Dupla Paljba Blister.. Package: 2 40 pieces.. Leave a comment on Blister Firecrackers or join a discussion on..

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  • Title: Mirnovec Pyrotechnics | Crackers
    Descriptive info: Crackers are made of multiple firecrackers connected to a mutual wick.. After the ignition, the firecrackers are activated one by one, thus producing a series of explosions.. First grade crackers are sold only to people aged 14 and above.. You can find all the discussions about crackers on.. Crveni Redenici Mali.. Crveni Redenici Veliki.. Package: 40 pieces per redenik.. VIDEO.. Piro Pločica.. Skakajući Jack.. Package: 14 pieces per redenik.. Package: 12 pieces per redenik.. Comment on Mirnovec Pyrotechnics crackers and join discussions on..

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  • Title: Mirnovec Pyrotechnics | Snappers
    Descriptive info: Snappers are first grade pyrotechnic that produce a sound resembling an explosion upon impact on the ground.. You can find discussions about Snappers on.. Vražji Prasak.. Caramba.. Package: 18 pieces.. Ćiri Bu Ćiri Ba.. Dragon Jaja.. Package: 25 pieces.. Discuss Snappers with other members of.. and leave a comment!..

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  • Title: Mirnovec Pyrotechnics | Crackling
    Descriptive info: Crackling first grade pyrotechnics is sold only to people aged 14 and above.. Join Crackling pyrotechnics discussion on.. Prskave Kuglice.. Spinner.. Package: 6 pieces.. Granata.. Jumbo.. Package: 5 pieces.. Turbo Traka Blister.. Srebrni Napalm.. Package: 2 pieces.. Package: 12 pieces.. Zmajev Repić.. Spark.. Leave a comment or join a discussion on..

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  • Title: Mirnovec Pyrotechnics | Ground Spinners
    Descriptive info: Ground spinners are first grade pyrotechnics that spin on the ground really fast during the ignition, which produces an attractive visual effect.. Ground spinners are sold only to people aged 14 and above.. Join the discussions about ground spunners on.. Brzi Gonzales.. Bijesne Pčele.. Divlji Bumbar.. Divlji Bumbar Blister.. Package: 3 pieces.. Package: 3 3 pieces.. Lotus.. Vatreni Prsten.. Package: 10 pieces.. Pyro Box.. Piruete.. Package: 4 pieces.. Disco.. Comment on ground spinners and join a discussion on..

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  • Title: Mirnovec Pyrotechnics | Flying Items
    Descriptive info: Flying Articles are first grade pyrotechnics that fly into the air after the ignition, creating attractive visual effects.. First grade Flying Items are sold only to people aged 14 and above, and all discussions concerning Flying Items are being held on.. Mix Bombarderi.. Zippers.. Papilon.. Turbo Sova.. Vatrene Ose.. Vatreni Leptir.. Kamikaze.. NLO.. Package: 1 pieces.. Comment on Flying Items or join a discussion on..

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