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  • Title: naslovnica DiC
    Descriptive info: .. NASLOVNICA / HOME.. NOVOSTI / SHOW NEWS.. Moji bichoni / My bichons.. Moji Dandieji / My Dandies.. LEGLA / LITTERS.. Naš uzgoj / Our breeding.. JUNIOR HANDLING.. Galerija / Gallery.. Kontakt / Contact.. Linkovi / Links.. Početna.. We have puppies!!!.. 2 girls born on September 9th 2014.. Leglo "G" / Litter "G".. Roditelji / Parents.. CH MON CHER AMI.. ESPERANCE AU COEUR.. CH DIVINE PRINCESS MASHA BINI'S.. Croatian Champion.. International Champion.. Champion of Bosnia Herzegovina.. Hungarian Grand Champion.. Croatian Junior Champion.. Italian Champion.. Slovenian Junior Champion.. German Champion.. Austrian Junior Champion.. Austrian Champion.. also.. San Marino Champion.. Hungarian Champion.. Champion of Federation BiH.. Slovenian Champion.. Champion of Bichon club - Zagreb.. Serbian Champion.. Bundes Junior Sieger 2012.. Croatian Junior Club Winner 2012.. J.. CH of Bichon club - Zagreb.. Datum oštenjenja:.. 9.. rujna 2014.. - 2 cure.. Date of birth:.. September 9th, 2014 - 2 girls.. spol / sex.. težina / weight.. vrijeme / time.. oznaka / mark.. cura / girl.. 209 g.. 15:50.. Breskvica / Peach.. 221 g.. 16:50.. Bordo / Bordeaux.. Pedigree MON CHER AMI litter "G".. MON CHER AMI ESPERANCE AU COEUR.. CH-HR, CH-BIH, JCH-HR, JCH-A, JCH-SLO.. BODACIOUS ARCH ENEMY.. W-CH, JW-CH, INT-CH,USA-CH, FIN-CH, BG-CH, MOL-CH, BG-GCH, S-CH, LV-CH, EST-CH, PL-CH, SK-CH, H-CH, RSM-CH, SLO-CH, HR-CH, SRB-CH, MN-CH, MK-CH.. CH JUDGES CHOICE HIGH RIDGE RIGHTON.. CH SPECIAL TIMES  ...   HARDY-FLAP'S RARE DE PIPERHEIDSIECK.. INT-CH, A-CH, BIH-CH, SCG-CH, SLO-CH, HR-CH, CHM-HR, SLO-CH.. CH YOANNEWYN SEE U AT HARDY-FLAP'S.. CH MYBLISS YOU BETCHA YOANNEWYN.. CH YOANNEWYN CRAIGDALE PORITA.. CH HARDY-FLAP'S THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC.. CH JITTERBOP LAST LAUGH.. CH HARDY-FLAP'S MAJOR BETH MACKENZIE.. 4 weeks old "G" girls.. We are three weeks.. Girls are one week old.. LOVE! - 5 days old.. 3 days old.. 2 days old sisters.. On the day of born.. Great results of our kennel on Sarajevo Winner 2014.. JWW, Int.. Ch, Multi Ch.. Mon Cher Ami Caprice Dentelle.. finnished her 20th championship and became CH.. BiH with BOG 3 on Sarajevo CACIB II.. Caprie's younger brother.. Ch.. Mon Cher Ami Esper.. ance au Coeur.. also became CH.. BiH.. Our Dandie girl.. German Dandies' Rosanna.. became International Champion and CH.. BiH with R.. BOG and 2 x BOG 3.. TOP 10 competition of Croatian Kennel Club for 2012.. Mon Cher Ami Caprice Dentelle - Best dog in Group IX.. German Dandies' Rosanna - 2nd best dog in Juniors.. Caprie and Rosanna - our two successful bitches placed in TOP 10 of Croatian Kennel Club.. Štenci iz naših prošlih legala.. The puppies from our last litters.. Naša prva trojka.. početak naše uzgajivačnice.. Our first TRIO FANTASTICUS.. the beginning of our Kennel.. 2008 Design by.. munich-accommodation.. com.. Hotel Monaco in Munich..

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  • Title: SHOW NEWS 2011
    Descriptive info: First show of MON CHER AMI FRICASS.. Ė.. E DE MUSEAUX.. "Demi".. Varaždin, May 24th 2014.. After the show.. Demi.. was happy but tired.. First show of MON CHER AMI FORMIDABLE.. "Emma".. Zadar, May 3rd 2014.. Emma.. was very satisfied with her 1st show and so were we.. Club shows 2 International Zagreb shows.. 22nd-24th November 2013.. GERMAN DANDIES' ROSANNA.. 3 x CAC, 2 x CACIB, 3 x BOB,.. Club Winner, Crufts qualification, Zagreb Winner, CROATIAN CHAMPION.. 2 brothers handled by 2 sisters.. MON CHER AMI ESPERANCE AU COEUR.. 2 x CAC, 1 x CACIB, 1 x BOB, Crufts qualification.. MON CHER AMI ELIXIR DE VIE.. 2 x CAC, 1 x CACIB, 2 x BOB, Club Winner, Zagreb Winner.. National show Barje, Slovenia.. April 7th 2013.. We have 3 new Slovenian champions!!!.. Mon Cher Ami Caprice Dentelle was Best of breed.. under judge Mr Rony Doedijns (NL) and became Slovenian Champion.. Caprie was Best of group 3.. Mon Cher Ami Esperance au Coeur became Slovenian Junior Champion.. Mon Cher Ami Cezanne Artist became Slovenian Champion.. German Dandies' Rosanna (CAC, BOB) has opened Slovenian championship.. ZAGREB INTERNATIONAL SHOWS.. March 9th 10th 2013.. 2 x CAC, CACIB BOB.. opened International and Croatian championship.. CACIB NURNBERG, January 12th 2013.. Junior winner, JBOB, BOB.. GERMAN JUNIOR CHAMPION (VDH.. ).. Rosanna.. and Vida with the judge Mrs Olga Dolejsova (CZ).. Zanni.. and Vida for CACIB.. Caprie.. and Paula for BOB.. 2 x Junior winner,.. placement in 6 best juniors of the show,.. AUSTRIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION!.. Cori.. in BIS with his handler/co-owner Paula.. 2 x Junior winner,.. 1 x Best of breed,.. 17th 18th November 2012.. 1 x Junior winner, 1 x JBOB, Crufts qualif.. 2013.. and Vida with the judge Mrs Linda Volarikova (SK).. MON CHER AMI DIVIN ESPRIT.. 1 x CAC, 1 x R.. CACIB.. MON CHER AMI CAPRICE DENTELLE.. 2 x CAC, 2 x CACIB, Crufts qualif.. 2013, Zagreb Winner 2012.. with Vida for CACIB.. Zagreb Winner.. title under judge Mrs Marie Hamill (IRL).. 2 x Junior winner, 2 x JBOB, 2 x BOB, Crufts qualif.. 2013, Zagreb Junior Winner 2012.. and Vida with the judge Mrs Dorota Witkowska (PL).. Caprie Vinni (Saturday, 17th Nov).. R.. BIS COUPLE.. Caprie Vinni Cori (Saturday, 17th Nov).. BIS BREEDING GROUP.. BICHON CLUB - ZAGREB.. 5th Special Club show.. (Zagreb, Nov 16th 2012).. Mon Cher Ami Esperance au Coeur.. JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW!.. Mon Cher Ami Caprice Dentelle.. Mon Cher Ami Divin Esprit.. Vinni.. BEST IN SHOW COUPLE!.. Mon Cher Ami kennel.. BEST IN SHOW BREEDING GROUP!.. Bundessieger Tulln 2012.. (Sep 30th 2012).. Great success of three MON CHER AMI bichons!!!.. from left:.. MON CHER AMI ESPERANCE AU COEUR - JCAC, Bundesjuniorsieger 2012, Crufts 2013 qualif.. MON CHER AMI CAPRICE DENTELLE - CAC, CACIB, BOB, Bundessiegerin 2012, Austrian Champion*, International Champion*, Crufts 2013 qualif.. MON CHER AMI CEZANNE ARTIST - CAC, CACIB, Bundessieger 2012, Austrian Champion*, International Champion*, Crufts 2013 qualif.. * conditions fulfilled.. and for the first time together as a couple.. MON CHER AMI ESPERANCE AU COEUR (9 months old).. Res.. BEST IN SHOW COUPLE.. Our young dogs were very successful on the shows in Slovenia!.. CACIB Maribor CACIB Pohorje Special Terrier show.. (22nd - 23rd September 2012).. Mon Cher Ami Esperance au Coeur.. started Slovenian Junior Championship with 2 x Best of Breed title!.. and Paula with the judge Mr Hans Boelaars (NL).. became Slovenian Junior Champion with 3 x Best of Breed title, 2 x Junior BIS 3 placements and 1 x BIS 3 placement!.. - Best of breed on CACIB Maribor under judge Mr Veli-Pekka KUMPUMÄKI (FI).. - Best of breed on Terrier Club show under judge Mrs Mirja Lapanja (SLO).. - Junior Best in Show 3 on Terrier Club show (judge: Mrs Mirja Lapanja).. - Best in Show 3 on Terrier Club show (judge: Mr Veli-Pekka KUMPUMÄKI).. - Best of breed on CACIB Pohorje under judge Mrs Dodo SANDAHL (S).. - Junior Best in Show 3 (judge: Mrs Dubravka Reicher).. 3 SLAVONIA shows.. (14th - 16th September 2012).. Great results of our 2 young dogs!!!.. at only 9 months of age became Croatian Junior Champion with 2 x Best of Breed title!.. walking in the ring in OSIJEK I with the judge Mrs Jasna Matejčić (HR).. also became Croatian Junior Champion with BOG, J.. RBIS and BOG 3 placements!.. Many thanks to Juraj Sokolić who was handling her in all three Junior BIS competitions.. - Best of group in VUKOVAR under  ...   (18 months old).. has opened her 19th Championship with CAC, CACIB and BOB.. Three dogs bred by MON CHER AMI kennel in competition for "Best of breed" title on Brussels dog show, December 18th 2011.. From left.. Mon Cher Ami Digne de la Mere ".. Diggy.. ".. (own T.. Planinšek).. - Junior winner, JBOB, Crufts 2013 qualification.. Mon Cher Ami Cezanne Artist ".. " - CAC, CACIB, Belgian Winner, Crufts 2013 qualification.. Mon Cher Ami Caprice Dentelle ".. " - CAC, CACIB, BOB, Belgian Winner, Crufts 2013 qualification, R.. BIS Belgian Breeds.. MON CHER AMI CAPRICE DENTELLE "Caprie" on Brussels dog show became Reserve Best in Show of Belgian breeds.. We had very successful weekend on Zagreb shows!!!.. 18th November 2011 - Bichon club Special show.. - Junior Club Winner + Junior Club Champion + Junior R.. BISS.. - Junior Club Winner + Junior Club Champion.. - Club Winner + Club Champion + BISS.. - Club Winner + Club Champion.. Caprie Vinni.. - R.. BISS couple.. Masha Zanni.. - BISS couple.. Caprie Diggy Vinni.. - BISS breeding group.. 19th 20th November 2011 - 2 International Shows in Zagreb.. Vinni Caprie Zanni.. 3 x Crufts qualifications.. 3 x Zagreb Winners.. 3 x Croatian Champions.. Great news from Luxembourg!!!.. (.. owner Tomaž Planinšek.. became Junior Champions of Luxembourg.. Bundessiegerausstellung Tulln.. 25th September 2011.. on her 1st show in Intermediate class became Best of group IX!!!.. (15 months old).. (10 months old).. BEST COUPLE!!!.. MON CHER AMI CAPRICE DENTELLE.. and her brother MON CHER AMI CEZANNE ARTIST.. on September 18th 2011 in Venezia.. finished their Junior Championship of Italy.. and little Caprie became Res.. Junior Best in Show!.. on August 6th 2011 in Sinj/Croatia.. finished her.. 10th.. Junior Championship.. !!!.. DOG SHOWS BREMEN, July 30th 31st 2011.. Junior winner Junior Best of Breed.. JUNIOR BEST OF GROUP IX !!!.. German Dandies' Prima Donna.. Junior.. ·.. winner.. Junior Best of Breed Best of Breed.. JUNIOR BEST OF GROUP III !!!.. 2011 WORLD DOG SHOW.. (Paris, July 10th 2011).. Junior winner.. unior Best of Breed.. JUNIOR WORLD WINNER 2011 !!!.. Mon Cher Ami Cezanne Artist.. Divine Princess Masha Bini's.. once again.. BEST IN SHOW COUPLE!!!.. CHAMPIONNAT DE FRANCE.. (Paris, July 9th 2011).. (owner Tomaž Planinšek).. Best Puppy.. Reserve BEST IN SHOW PUPPY.. (Paris, July 8th 2011).. Vice Junior World Winner 2011.. (Paris, July 7th 2011).. Junior Winner.. Junior Best of Breed.. by judge Mr Guy Mansencal).. eserve Junior Best of Group.. by judge Mrs Mona Selbach).. TERRIER SHOW.. G.. ross-Enzersdorf, Austria, 3rd July 2011.. German Dandies' Prima.. Donna was Junior Winner, Austrian Junior Club winner.. and Best of Breed.. Best in show results.. Junior Best in Show bitch by judge Mrs Friederike Kappacher (A).. Junior Best in Show by judge Mrs Friederike Kappacher (A).. Best short legged Terrier in Show by judge Mrs Frauke Korte (D).. BEST IN SHOW by judge Mrs Monika Blaha (A).. KLAGENFURT 18.. 19.. June 2011.. GERMAN DANDIES' PRIMA DONNA - BEST OF GROUP!!!.. U subotu 11.. lipnja 2011.. , naši štenci Caprie Zanni proslavili su svoj prvi rođendan na prekrasnom mjestu u Pisi (Italija), s mamom Jolie i tatom Archijem.. On Saturday June 11th 2011, our puppies Caprie Zanni have celebrated their 1st birthday on the beuatiful place in Pisa (Italy), with.. Mom Jolie and Dad Archie.. Mon Cher Ami Caprice Dentelle - Junior Best in Show!!!.. CCC Specialty, Pisa 12th June 2011.. Audrey.. ,.. mother of our Dee Dee, the sweatest Dandie I have ever met,.. killed on San Marino show!!!.. ZANNI CAPRIE - Austrian Junior Club winners!!!.. MASHA.. - Austrian champion Austrian.. Club winner!!!.. CAPRIE - Junior Best in Show bitch!!!.. PRIMA DONNA -.. 2nd Best in Show terrier!!!.. DORTMUND 6th - 8th May 2011!!!.. ··.. BIS couple 2.. MON CHER AMI CEZANNE ARTIST DIVINE PRINCESS MASHA BINI'S.. (photo from VDH).. ODLIČNI REZULTATI S USKRSNIH IZLOŽBI U MAĐARSKOJ!!!.. GREAT RESULTS FROM EASTER SHOWS IN HUNGARY!!!.. German Dandies' Prima Donna -.. Junior Best in Show.. Mon Cher Ami Caprice Dentelle -.. Junior reserve Best in Show.. Mon Cher Ami Divin Esprit -.. 3rd Best in Show baby.. Moj prvi pokal je skoro veći od mene!.. My first cup is almost bigger than me!.. (Szilvasvarad, April 24th 2011).. Imali smo vrlo uspješan vikend u Italiji!.. We had a very successful weekend in Italy!.. "Caprie".. Bodacious.. Arch.. Enemy.. x.. Jolie Jacqueline of.. Aphrodite's.. Reflection).. Junior Reserve Best in Show.. Judge:.. Guido Vandoni (I).. LIJEPE NOVOSTI IZ GRAZA!!!.. GREAT NEWS FROM GRAZ!!!..

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  • Title: Moji bichoni
    Descriptive info: Jolie.. Vinni.. My bichons.. Jolie Masha.. My bichon puppies.. Zanni Caprie.. LOVE.. Mother Jolie with her 7-months old puppies Caprie Zanni..

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  • Title: Dandie Dinmont Terrier
    Descriptive info: Dee Dee.. Prima Donna..

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  • Title: LEGLA / LITTERS
    Descriptive info: Leglo C / Litter C.. Leglo D / Litter D.. Leglo E / Litter E.. Leglo F / Litter F..

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  • Title: Naš uzgoj / Our breeding
    Descriptive info: ViXi.. Leglo "C" / Litter "C".. Leglo "D" /.. Litter "D".. Leglo "E" /.. Litter "E"..

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  • Title: JH Wels
    Descriptive info: Vida..

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  • Title: Galerija / Gallery
    Descriptive info: Galerija / Gallery.. (19).. Phoca Gallery 2.. 5.. 8..

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  • Title: Sanja Ferković Živković
    Descriptive info: Sanja Ferković Živković.. Adresa:.. Savska cesta 50.. ZAGREB.. 10000.. HRVATSKA.. E-mail:.. Ova e-mail adresa je zaštićena od spam robota, vidljiva je samo ako je uključen Javascript.. Telefon:.. +385 1 6176036.. Mobitel:.. +385 95 9022606.. Vaše ime:.. Vaša e-mail adresa:.. Naslov Poruke:.. Poruka:.. Pošaljite kopiju ove e-mail poruke na svoju adresu.. Pošalji..

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  • Title: Web Linkovi
    Descriptive info: Bichon Frise breeders.. (3).. Useful links.. (2).. Dandie Dinmont Terrier breeders.. (1).. Grooming.. Other breeders..

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  • Title: Jolie
    Descriptive info: JOLIE show results.. INT.. CH, GCH.. H, CH.. I, CH.. D (VDH), CH.. A, CH.. SLO, H.. CH, CH.. HR, CH.. SRB, CHM.. HR, FCI-JHS, VDH-Esg, CH.. BKZ.. JOLIE JACQUELINE OF APHRODITE'S REFLECTION.. "Jolie".. CHAMPIONSHIPS.. German Champion (VDH).. Serbian Champion.. CANDIDATE FOR.. German Champion (VDK).. TITLES.. Rassebester Nationale Leipzig 2012.. FCI-Centenary Winner.. VDH-Europasieger 2011.. Hungarian Club Winner 2011.. Mediterranean Winner 2010.. Vesuvio Winner 2010.. Slovenian Winner 2010.. Slovenian Club Winner 2010.. Nord Est Top Champion.. Central Eastern European Winner 2008.. Zagreb Winner 2008.. Club.. Champion.. (Bichon Klub-Zagreb).. * conditions  ...   PRA, MPP, PHTVL/PHPV, RD.. THEOGONIA AEGEAN LIGHT.. APHRW06, CYCH, APHRW07.. JITTERBOP MOM'S PRIDE.. CH.. GR.. CYP.. BUL.. MED.. JUN.. WIN.. '05; SOFIA W.. '05, BALKAN W.. '05.. JITTERBOP LADIES FIRST.. KANS.. MVA,FIN.. MVA,S.. MVA, DK.. MVA, BDSG'01; KBHV'01.. JITTERBOP HOT CAT.. '05;.. BALKAN WIN.. '05 SOFIA WIN.. '05.. CABOCHON'S CAT WALK.. CAN.. JITTERBOP MISSWET.. T-SHIRT.. FIN.. MVA.. DIAMELLA RETURN TOSENDER.. CYCH, APHRW07.. PARAY'S PURE THRILL.. PARAY'S PANTOMIME.. AM.. CH.. PARAY'S WHITE PEPPER.. DIAMELLA DIVA IN SILK.. FIN MVA.. MCLAREN'S JUAN FANGIO.. MVA, FIN.. MVA,N.. DIAMELLA OUR SILKY ROSE.. FIN..

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    Archived pages: 85